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List of 100 Prominent Serial Killers to Endorse Biden

List of 100 Prominent Serial Killers to Endorse Biden

A list of one hundred prominent incarcerated serial killers have signed an open letter endorsing Vice President Biden in the 2020 election. They join a growing list of high profile, if unexpected, supporters of the Biden candidacy.

The open letter will likely send ripples through the rest of the serial killer voting demographic and might tip the scales in some tough battle ground states where the number of per capita serial killers is high.

It also might not matter much this late in the campaign cycle because multiple independent polls show that most serial killers have made up their minds at this point.

Measuring serial killer affinity has been a noted weakness of Nate Silver’s data modeling methodology. Silver routinely points to the difficulty in predicting serial killer voting behavior to help explain the surprise outcome of the 2016 election.

When reached for comment, a Biden spokesperson said, “Big tent! Only an absolute moron would question embracing the serial killer vote in this election.” They added, “The stakes have never been higher.”