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More or Less

We need more corporate lawyers. We need fewer public defenders.
More or Less

We need more corporate lawyers. We need fewer public defenders. This is why we compensate corporate lawyers orders of magnitude more than public defenders. It is self evident. The market has spoken. Helping companies pay only their "fair share" is more important than the constitutional right to competent representation regardless of means.

When a corporate lawyer sets up a shell company in Ireland or the Bahamas and a series of untraceable bank accounts in the Duchy of Luxembourg, they are filling a societal need, nay an economic imperative. It's not like these companies rely on the availability of public goods like roads, an educated work force, breathable air, or the rule of law. Anyway, most people who need public defenders are usually guilty of something.

We need more health insurance executives. We need fewer nurses. A health insurance executive makes sure that no one gets care they don't actually need. Wasting medicine is un-American. It does not matter that a few people also do not get care they desperately require in the process. Having multiple vacation properties is such a heavy burden for health insurance executives. The least we can do is make sure they have a say in all of our personal medical decisions.

Nurses are far too free with their care and concern. It is downright wasteful. Nurses have grown too haughty with their practical experience and know-how. Of course they should have no control over their hours and schedules.

We need more high frequency traders. We need fewer teachers. Making a buck on market volatility is a service. They are facilitating the movement of capital. That's skill. That's not luck. These are quantitative geniuses. Thank you for your liquidity service.

Anyone can teach. We all went to school. Teachers don't even teach things that anyone who was taught by a teacher does not already know. In fact, those who can't do, teach. Literacy and numeracy won't make America stronger. The return on investment on education spend can't be more than 100x. Worst of all, teachers get summers off.