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November 2023 Bakery

November 2023 Bakery

Half baked

I came across this Martin Fowler post on Google Apps Script where he makes some recommendations and shares some opinions. I love his idea that a built in authentication solution would be an absolute game changer for this product. If you know a Google product person, make them see. In the meantime I heavily rely on the apps-script-oauth2 library for my Google Apps Script authentication needs. Fowler also recommends keeping source data separate from data produced by a script or formulas.

Audible has a delightful feature where users can return any audio book with no questions asked. However, it also has a maddening definition on the backend. As far as I can tell, our friends at Audible disable the ability to return a book based on when you made your last return and how many returns you've made in a given window. Honestly, those aren't terrible metrics, but the user experience is subpar. Once you exceed your threshold all titles on your purchase history page are marked "Not eligible." This label is removed after some time elapses (weeks). The algorithm should also take into account either the user's total number of audio books, time spent listening to audio books, or account created at date. They need some proxy for account risk. Accounts with many hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of listening hours, and an account created over a decade ago are not risky and should have much wider latitude than less trusted accounts around how often they can return books. If you know an Audible product person, make them see.

Quarter baked

The Compendium is interesting both for what it is technically (open source, so you can fork it and make your own version) and what content it holds.

A compendium of insights about complexity structured as inter-linked cards by Alex Komoroske

What if we did the Last Dance, but replaced MJ with DHH?

I spent one hour and eight minutes on the phone to reverse a $9.95 debt from my checking account because there are rules.


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