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June 2024 Bakery

June 2024 Bakery

Half baked

Some written thoughts, but not enough for their own post

June is the best month. It is not even close. First, let's take the weather. Not quite full summer heat, but also it's a safe bet you can wear shorts all of the time. Trees and grass are finally full green. School is out. The days are long. Who doesn't like a daylight run that starts after 8pm? It also happens to be my anniversary, birthday, and Father's day. Sorry loser other months. You can't compete.

Customer service rant

I bought 3 pairs of Goodrs. Two of them were floor models. The party next to me at checkout also bought a few pairs of Goodrs, a few of which were floor models. The clerk helping them gave them a 10% discount on the opened pairs. The clerk helping me out did not do the same. When I asked, the clerk said that her manager looks at discounts closely and their job would be in jeopardy if she did so. I don't blame this person at all, but I don't like the unequal treatment. It's wild to me how penny wise and pound foolish this exchange is going to be. The other group were one-time customers. They did not have an account. When asked to open an account, they declined, saying they were visiting from out of town. I've shopped at Fleet Feet many times. I buy running shoes about every two months. I'll just get Goodr's and shoes online next time at Amazon.

Quarter baked

A sentence or two and a piece of content.

The Power Broker #06: Mike Schur - 99% Invisible
This is the sixth official episode of our ongoing series breaking down the 1974 Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Power Broker by our hero Robert Caro. This week, Roman and Elliott sit down with Mike Schur, who created the critically acclaimed NBC comedy The Good Place, and co-created Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, Rutherford Falls,

I love this podcast group read of the Power Broker. This one covers some great chapters including, Two Brothers. Also the Parks and Recs guy adds some of his insights in an interview at the end. I like the application of morale philosophy and the idea of shifting one's Overton window about what you are willing to do to get what you want.

10 years after “Growth Hacking”
What’s changed and what’s new

Growth hacking is dead.

A four hour review of the Star Wars hotel. There are so many lessons about putting users first and being meticulous in one’s craft here. I can not stop watching. I found this riveting.

Goose is on tour. Highlights include:

For the uninitiated, see:

The Improbable, Unstoppable Rise of Goose
Meet the jam band that just might persuade you to love a jam band.

I love the analysis of high-craft.

My family got the Lego Lion Knight's Castle for my birthday. I'm really enjoying the process of building this thing. Lego is a shortcut to flow state. This picture is from one of the early steps of the build. The angled foundation is really satisfying. I'm keeping track of the build process in this Google Photos album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DSNgQEXzBXnKYmsN6


Naked links.

My guy makes some incredibly watchable cooking shorts.


Love this.

Sailing seems fun.