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Ruby Waves Pouring Down on my Head

Ruby Waves Pouring Down on my Head
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, 2022-09-01

It is a treat to have my favorite band close their summer tour at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado year after year. One begins to recognize familiar faces and hone a show day routine. While I have seen them at Dick's eight times now and twenty-seven times over the past 19 years (no big deal), last night was a special experience.

First, I heard five songs that I'd never heard live before.

Second, I heard my favorite song, Harry Hood, for the first time since July 4th 2012. At the time Hood was not my favorite tune, but like any prolific act, sounds and tastes change overtime.

Third, I got to enjoy the concert with my brother. We have similar neuroses stemming from our childhoods that mean we have complimentary preferences for live shows. But more importantly, I cherish time I get to spend with that kid.

The other standouts were Heavy Things and Back on the Train in Set I and Ruby Waves and Piper in Set II. Sometimes you have to see a song live to really understand what the band is trying to do with it and that was my experience last night with Don't Doubt Me, which had solid hip hop vibes and The Howling, which was very disco funk.

Last night I found a space that allowed me to escape from the very normal world for a few hours. And I'm looking forward to the next one.

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